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Support Staff ~Technicians

  • Dr. Jay Jakubowsli


    Slawomir ‘Slawek’ Marczak has been working at Village Veterinary Clinic for 24 ½ years. He is the head technician and so much more. He has a 3 year old adopted grayhound named Cleo. She was adopted thru the Grayhound Society. His plans for the future are to retire.


  • Suzanna Ahmed


    Hannah started working at Village Vet in February of 2011 as a part time kennel tech, and has been working as a full time Veterinary technician since August of 2011. She lives in Allston with her cat Ella a brave and beautiful rescue kitty from the mean streets of Jamaica Plain.


  • Suzanna Ahmed


    Karin is the newest member of Village Veterinary Clinic. She's worked with us for a little over 2 months, that's 0.167 years. She recently adopted a boisterous dog named Dinah. Eventually her bird cage may be refilled with a new parakeet, and who knows, maybe an iguana will show up someday. In the future Karin would like to pursue a career in large animal or wildlife medicine.


  • Suzanna Ahmed


    Deirdre has been working at Village Veterinary Clinic since May 2011. She is most often found downstairs as a veterinary technician, but also works two days a week as a surgery technician. She loves coming home from work to her two cats – Samson and Delilah. She hopes to enter Veterinary school in the fall of 2013.


  • Suzanna Ahmed


    Cristina has been working at Village Veterinary Clinic since July of 2011. She is a veterinary technician most days and a surgery technician two days a week. She has the most handsome cat in the world named Zamboni Jones. He was adopted while Cristina lived in Savannah, GA after being clipped by a car that broke his left front toe. Her future plans are to keep working in the Veterinary field and doing what she loves every day


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    Comprehensicve medical care for dogs and cats. Including Surgery, Boarding, Preventative Care, Radiology, Grooming and more

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