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Village Vet offers boarding for our clients. Our indoor kennels and fenced-in yard allow plenty of room for romping and playing. You don't even need to bring your own toys or blankets! We provide comfortable bedding and appropriate toys for your pet and like any good ''hotel'' we provide a clean change of bedding and toys daily, or more frequently if needed. We recommend that you bring your pet's regular food when boarding. However, if you prefer, we have a variety of animal diets in stock and will find the food for your pet's dietary needs.

Our kennel staff takes your canine friend(s) outside often to get fresh air, run around, and to play ball. They also socialize with other dog friends as long as they get along, or otherwise indicated by the owner. And of course lots of TLC!! Our feline boarders have a separate ward for their peace of mind. We also recognize that our feline friends may (or sometimes, may not) want to stretch out and exercise, too! Kitties can exercise in a large room with appropriate toys and many windows for their viewing pleasure. If your kitty is too timid to exercise, we will do our best to make him or her feel safe, loved, and secure while you're away.

Additional services such as: nail trims, ear cleanings, technician baths, and grooming with our in-house groomer, Andrea, are also available while your pet stays with us. If your cat(s) or dog(s) has special medical needs, he or she will board on the hospital floor. Where they will be closely monitored by the doctors and veterinary technicians.


Comprehensicve medical care for dogs and cats. Including Surgery, Boarding, Preventative Care, Radiology, Grooming and more

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We sometimes recommend Emergency and Specialty Hospitals when pets need continued care overnight and during weekends

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